How to find a job in Canada ( A perfect guide…

Canada (Credit: IMF)

Canada is a multicultural country in the northern part of North America. It is the second-largest country in the world, measuring nearly ten million square kilometers. Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live in. It is easy to understand why thousands of people choose Canada every year. From its strong, stable economy and vibrant, cosmopolitan cities to the breathtaking beauty of its natural environment, Canada offers newcomers opportunities and quality of life that are second to none. There are lots of places to look for jobs in Canada. Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities in Canada as a foreigner.

1.Online job hunting in Canada

The best place for foreigners to look for a job in Canada is online. Online recruitment websites allow you to search according to your criteria, such as sector, salary, and region. You can also post your CV on websites so that companies looking for specific skills can find you.

  • Linkedin : This professional social network site enables you to find jobs through your extended network. Additionally, you can join groups, participate in conversations and follow companies you find interesting and relevant to your job search.
  • Government of Canada The site of Government of Canada has useful links for finding job vacancies in Canada.
  • Glassdoor Canada : The Canadian version of the big U.S. job search site
  • : The Canadian version of the big U.S. job search site
  • :One of the most visited job boards worldwide.
  • CareerBuilder Canada : The Canadian version of International employment site CareerBuilder
  • Another search engine that features various job postings
  • Jobillico : My favorite job search engine in Canada. Jobillico displays the best jobs that fit your profile.
  • Latest jobs in Quebec
  • : The best job board in Toronto.
  • : CareerJet is another worldwide board with a Canadian version
  • : The world’s largest classified site has a strong presence in Canada too.
  • Google jobs:  Google recently added Google for Jobs to its search capabilities.
  • : Great job search engine in Canada
  • Etc …

2.Recruitment companies in Canada

There are some recruitment companies in Canada. Below is the list of credible recruitment companies in Canada


  • In January 2019, Stats Canada reported that the national unemployment rate was only 4.8%. This means that the current job market is competitive.

Please note: 

  • Working in Canada temporarily: Every year, thousands of people enter Canada to work temporarily through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Temporary workers help Canadian employers address shortages of people with particular skills or work experience. In order to work temporarily at most jobs in Canada,You may need a temporary resident visa. To Find out whether you need a visa, and how to qualify for one, you can view the requirements at .
  • Before applying to immigrate to Canada, it is important to consider the requirements to work in Canada, including the steps you may need to take to have your training, qualifications, and experience as a professional, technical or skilled worker recognized in Canada.

Well, there you have it, folks. The best places to find jobs in Canada as a foreigner. For more information be sure to find out:

You can also get more information from the expat communities in Canada here

Good luck with your job search!

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