Job opportunities at Rwanda Water resources Board

Rwanda Water resources Board is hiring for the following positions:

1.River Flood Control Specialist Team Leader
2.Roads and Bridges Drainage and Flood Control Specialist
3.Geotechnical Specialist
4.Dam Specialist
5.Senior Hydraulic Engineers
6.Infrastructure Flood Specialist Team Leader
7.Urban Hydrology Specialist
8.Water Permitting Officer
9.Water User Inspection Officer
10.Water Regulation Specialist
12.Land Husbandry Officers
13.Land husbandry specialist
14.Erosion Control Specialist
15.Water Pollution Investigation Officer
16.Water Pollution Investigation Specialist
17.Hydrometric Network Engineer
18.Water Quality Specialist
19.Data Analyst
20.Senior Software Engineer
21.Groundwater Modeling Specialist
22.Hydraulic/Flood Modeling Specialist
23.Water Modeling Specialist Team Leader
24.Advisor to DG

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