Shelter Associate (Individual Contaractor) at UNHCR Rwanda

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Eligible Applicants

This position is advertised open to internal and external applicants.
Procedures and Eligibility
nterested applicants should consult the Administrative Instruction on Recruitment and Assignment of Locally Recruited Staff (RALS).
Duties and Qualifications
Office and the direct supervision Head of Field Office based at Nyamata, the Supervising Engineer shall supervise the execution of the Contract for the construction of Proposed storey structure accommodation and office block in Gashora; construction of a Women Opportunity Centre; construction of Gashora Clinic; construction of a police post; construction of a livelihood training centre; Construction of a Child Friendly Space and other task assigned during the period. The Supervising/Construction Engineer shall in general carry out such duties as issuing instructions, decisions, certificates, and orders as are required for the satisfactory execution of the Contract.

The Supervising/Construction Engineer will be empowered to:
¿ Carry out tests of samples of materials and supplies and verify workmanship, as he/she may consider necessary at the cost of the Contractor in order to ensure their compliance with the relevant specifications and standards of the Contract.

¿ Measure quantities of work completed and approve or reject invoices submitted by the Contractor for such quantities.

¿ Issue and sign the Certificates of Completion of Works and Defects Liability Period.

¿ Serve as a quality assurance supervisor for all processes related to engineering works.

¿ Regularly examine and verify the works and outputs, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

¿ Identify, examine, measure, and certify any work which is about to be covered up (hidden works)

¿ Measure and test any work/workmanship and the quality, weight and/or quantity of any materials utilized.

¿ Identify problems related to the execution of works; recommend – for final approval by project management – on alternations and/or additions/omissions in the works.

¿ Check and certify the quantities of works stated by the Contractor in the respective certificate of payment.

¿ Undertaking daily monitoring and technical assessments for all new construction activities and rehabilitation works in Gashora and Nyamata FO.

¿ Closely coordinate with District Engineers, MINEMA on weekly/monthly joint monitoring of construction activities and to participate on joint site meetings.

¿ Conduct routine concrete test jointly with the contractors or take material samples to the laboratory during the construction of the storey building structures (especially accommodation and office block) to ensure mix ratio is attained.

¿ Support the office in structural, architectural drawings and prepare BOQs for proposed projects and follow up with the Bugesera District on construction permits.

¿ Ensure and coordinate with relevant authorities especially District Engineers and MINEMA for the material samples delivered on site by the contractors are approved and all works are done based on proper workmanship.

¿ Ensure that contractors follow and adhere to security measures on site especially for big project such as accommodation, office block; the contractors need to temporary build a corrugated iron sheet fencing and site management required during the implementation of the project.

¿ Carry out daily/weekly measured works for the new construction works and document or file; also, daily/weekly instructions documented on site logbooks.

¿ Share weekly/monthly technical progress/site minutes with Associate Physical Site Planner and Head of Field Office on the progress of construction works.

¿ At field level, assist the UNHCR Associate Physical Site Planner or Head of Field Office to implement clear guidance and standards for shelter, including minimum standards to meet basic and essential needs.

¿ Assist in verifying any BoQs, execution plan, including defining the scope of works, technical drawings and specifications for internal analysis.

¿ Support supply unit in the market analysis of locally available construction materials and skills, promoting the use of local capacity as appropriate.

¿ Support Field Office and WASH unit in monitoring WASH activities within the transit centre under partners implementation and commercial contractor and to ensure all related WASH services conform to UNHCR standards.

¿ Play major role in Multi-functional Team during joint monitoring of construction activities.

¿ Regularly report on work progress of various activities and preparation of SitRep (weekly and monthly).

¿ Support the Shelter unit in the implementation of SOPs in construction guidelines to ensure the construction activities are implemented within UNHCR procedures.

¿ Coordinate the construction activities with the key units especially WASH, Environment, Electrical, Protection, Field to ensure the implementation to be suited and conform to the standards.

¿ Work with the contractors on site to have workplans for the implementation of the activities and to be reviewed on weekly/monthly basis.

¿ Provide detailed mapping for Gashora Transit centre.

¿ Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Education & Professional Work Experience

Years of Experience / Degree Level
3 years relevant experience with High School Diploma; or 2 years relevant work experience with Bachelor or equivalent or higher

Field(s) of Education

Not applicable

The below qualifications are an added advantage:
¿ Master¿s degree or equivalent in experience, in project management, social sciences, economics, development studies or related fields

¿ Completion of degree in Civil Engineering or any related construction degree i.e. Architecture, Quantity Surveyor etc. from a recognized university.

¿ Registered and with issued active license to practice (from Institute of Engineers of Rwanda or any recognized Engineering Board)

Certificates and/or Licenses
Civil Engineering; Architecture

Relevant Job Experience
– Minimum 2 years post-graduation experience in the construction industry in positions of increasing responsibility ¿ a portion of this should have been in a consulting engineering role involving similar design detailing and construction as needed for the market. A further key attribute for the post is the ability to establish and maintain good working and professional relationships and to exercise diplomacy while efficiently and successfully ensuring standards and levels of quality are consistently achieved by the contracted company.

– Knowledge of SPHERE standards and the ability to use basic survey equipment, digital cameras, and computer equipment.
– Experience in developing shelter and settlement need assessments and undertaking gap analysis for development of shelter programs.

– Knowledge of UNHCR shelter standards, as well as standards related to protection, environment and land use.
– Knowledge of a range of shelter assistance options, including sensitivity to cultural and gender specific needs to ensure that the social and cultural background of PoC is taken into account while designing and developing shelter options.
– Knowledge of computer graphics, AutoCAD and mapping software as well as the capacity to use mapping tools (GPS), and digital photographic equipment, and related software (map info etc.).

Functional Skills
IT-MS Office Applications
IT-AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Design Software)
SP-CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing
MS-Drafting, Documentation, Data Presentation
SP-Sphere Handbook
SP-Shelter Assessment including survey/implementation/monitoring/evaluation/coordination
UN-Knowledge of UN/UNHCR terminology
Position Competencies
Competencies as defined in Job Profile
Language Requirements
Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English and local language.
See below for this postion’s Operational Context
Operational Context
On 10 September 2019, Rwanda signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UNHCR and the African Union to evacuate refugees and asylum-seekers from Libya. Under the MoU, UNHCR in collaboration with the GoR and the AU established the ETM in Gashora Sector, Bugesera District, Rwanda to support up to 500 persons of concern (at any given time) to be evacuated from conflict zones, including detention centres in Libya, while continuing to search for durable solutions. Since the MOU, Rwanda has received a total of 306 refugees and asylum-seekers who are now safely accommodated on the existing accommodation block based on the current capacity of the Centre.

As Rwanda is a densely populated country, the GoR has adopted a policy requiring any new structures to be built vertically (to ensure economic use of scarcely available land-space). Accordingly, a Site planning with all supporting documents/designs and Bill of quantities prepared for storey accommodation block (G+2) and office block (G+1) and all submission uploaded to Bugesera District construction platform for award of construction permits.

The newly proposed facilities once constructed will accommodate 200 persons and the office structure will provide appropriate and safe office space for the purpose of case processing including interview rooms for RSD, resettlement, and other protection concerns.
Closing Date
Closing date for submissions or applications is 10 March 2021.

Method of Application

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here Closing Date : 23rd March, 2021. Type "Shelter Associate (Individual Contaractor)" in search box