Packaging Quality Specialist job at Bralirwa

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We are seeking to hire a qualified and dedicated  Packaging Quality Specialist  at Job Grade  based in  Kigali,  reporting to the  Packaging Manager Soft Drink Plant, Supply Chain .



Empower quality culture in operations, drive “consumer first mindset” through quality at source by ensuring stability of processes and condition of the whole installation, resulting in sustained zero defects through world class Process control and Condition Management of equipment and processes.


  • Proactively lead and engage others to takes part in existing behaviour-based observation programmes.
  • Actively involved when machines are modified, or new equipment is installed (MOC).
  • Provides feedback on existing BowTies and demonstrates that behaviours are based on threats, barriers and consequences (BowTie language).
  • Takes ownership of assigned TPM safety improvement and Safety Pillar routes or team activities.
  • Acts as a role model and trains colleagues in safety behaviour.
  • Initiates and takes part in actions to improve health, safety and ergonomic conditions in the plant.
  • Systematically drives safety improvements and raises safety awareness among colleagues to prevent accidents, incidents and near misses.
  • Leads improvement projects to reduce the volume of waste and increase recyclability.
  • Shows commitment to conserving the environment.
  • Zero environmental incident and sustained waste segregation in packaging & utilities through a robust 5S
  • Accountable for pollution discharged to waste water (takes ownership) and takes immediate action when needed.


  • Aims for zero quality losses across production processes.
  • High quality product is delivered by the line, zero defect is achieved sustainably,
  • Drive quality related loss intelligence in operations,
  • Leads PQ improvement activities to improve the performance of the machines and process in area of responsibility (e.g. improvement team, QM matrix, QX matrix, simplified control plan).
  • Autonomously manages operational product quality based on condition management.
  • Continuously optimizes the workplace and tasks from a quality point of view, according to business needs.




  • Promotes TPM Silver and Beyond as a way of working.
  • Drive implementation of the improvements, update of the standards, horizontal expansion of solutions.
  • Connects with others and extends benchmarking by using collaborative digital platforms effectively, Qualass & One2Improve are operationally used to drive performance & improvements, OTIF quality issues analysis, DAVIS5 displaying inline controls, automatic sampler working effectively
  • Supports audit activity and the findings of actions to improve efficiency (compliance, safety, machine etc.).
  • Benchmarks equipment/process/machine performance in line with the respective hub/CoE and through collaborative data platforms.
  • Takes an active role in the development and installation of process automation in their area of responsibility.
  • Comfortably tackles complex problems and demonstrates a high level of success in fault finding and standardization.
  • Trains colleagues in the operation and control of equipment.
  • After a problem-solving process, ensures that standards for equipment operation are developed and makes procedural changes to avoid the problem recurring.
  • Shows agility and flexibility towards new ways of working and different levels of interaction with technology.
  • Takes part in plant innovation projects and contribute in challenging technological limits to drive extract loss and other products related improvements
  • Provides continuous technical support and expertise in their area of responsibility, enable operational teams to drive world class quality control.
  • Drive packaging material loss reduction improvement teams & activities to ensure optimized performance and packaging quality.





  • Process capabilities are clear, with no deviations. Improvement actions are timely executed. Complaints management under control.
  • Is open to using new digital tools for maintenance at the operational level.
  • Ensures quality and consistency in the execution of the maintenance plan by monitoring compliance with the relevant HEINEKEN and local maintenance rules and standards.
  • Improves maintenance standards and instructions (such as OPLs, SOPs) to proactively drive quality in operations


  • Uses digital tools to enable performance through inline control
  • Monitors and adjusts equipment/process/machine parameters (in line with specifications and by authorized task) to ensure efficient operation.
  • Gets actively involved in improving the operation.
  • Improves the process by taking part in TPM Kaizen teams and explores zero loss opportunities.
  • Takes an active role in 5S teams and promotes visual management of the equipment.
  • Copies and shares good practices by using collaborative digital platforms.
  • Challenges the operational standards to optimize operations.
  • Takes an active role in APM team steps 4-5 to enable technical operators in packaging and utilities.
  • Proactively solves and communicates equipment and process problems at all levels across the site departments.
  • Shows trust in the data and insights, such as settings and parameters, which are displayed automatically by machines in their area.
  • Analyses equipment alarms and suggests actions to eradicate them.
  • Takes part in improvement activities (minor stoppage reduction team, energy reduction team, operational risk reduction team) and suggests changes in the process control system.


  • Support in development of technical operators (T1s&T2s) /technicians who can fulfil all the required quality task autonomously, which successful completion of APM Team step 5, and step 6 on pilot machine first, and expanded next to all areas in line with plant ambition and businesspeople agenda.
  • Take a lead role to contribute to the steps and principles of the AM Pillar team route (APM), step 6, Autonomous Technical Team, systems, processes and standards optimization.
  • Actively look for and find opportunities to make more efficient use of time, applying an ECRS approach in regards with people involvement.

Actively involved in guiding team activities to engage employees, support in enabling performance to sustain a positive climate at workplace.


  • Timely reports about the quality data and decisions made in line with the limits of the authority.
  • Packaging quality control plan adhered to OTIF
  • Loss deployments are available with associated countermeasures to close the gaps to drive zero defect.
  • Improve collaboration by including inputs from all shifts and shop floor areas in the DCS meeting at all levels.
  • Control, challenge, and report trigger points to eradicate losses in the operation (water, energy, extract, material losses etc.).


  • Ensure process measurement and control equipment reliable and well maintained.
  • Drive effective project/innovation execution on time in full and ensure FTR approach present in all projects.
  • Drive Raw and packaging materials daily processing (timely) to enable packaging operations, close the loop to minimize losses in packaging materials driven by accurately reported data.
  • Take part in investment projects (CAPEX) in production.





  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, food science, Biotechnology or any other related field
  • 1 – 3 years of experience in Brewing, Packaging, Quality Assurance or Technological Control.
  • Process Kaizen Training, Lean Manufacturing Experience, Improvement Team Management.
  • Fluent in English and Kinyarwanda (both verbal and written).
  • Digital Literacy and working knowledge of MS Office packages-Word, Excel & Power Point.
  • Good presentation skills and data analysis, loss deployment and reporting accurately
  • Learning agility, team player, open minded, self-driven
  • Familiar with quality management systems and Heineken SC operational standards



  • Should you wish to apply for this position, please go to  MyHR, Careers  and follow instructions to apply.
  • All applicants must apply using our online application system. CVs received via email  will NOT be considered .
  • The HR Business Partner Team will be available to support in the application process.
  • The closing date for submission of applications is  Friday, 2nd December 2022.