Health Information Data Quality Audit Officer ( 2 Positions) – Ministry of Health

Job Readvertisement: Health Information Data Quality Audit Officer


Level 5.IV

Reports To Clinical Transition Sites M&E sector Specialist

No. of Positions 2

Deadline 16/Nov/2020

Job Description

•Elaboration of Data validation rules, in various Ministry of Health database applications.

•Overseeing indicator calculations to ensure that indicators are consistent across different activities and systems

•Provide technical support for the improvement of data quality

•Training in the use of information, tools and software for improving data quality

•Ensure quality of MoH data and quality control mechanisms; train users on best practices to ensure the consistency and quality of data

•Provides professional development and training of R- HMIS users on new application and maintain data quality in different systems.

•Develops and manages Data validation rules, data- integrity, data cleaning and ensure data quality standards of reported data.

•Assist in Development of reports and publications, training materials, and other materials.

•Developing norms and guidelines for general health information system and data collection, analysis, and use

•Performs database and application Interoperability and regular data interchanges and update between R- HMIS database and data- warehouse

•Develop and maintain information architectures (data, application, network) ensuring the system is on- line daily

•Promote the use of the Health Information system, and presenting data to guide decisions, management of high quality data, as well as update of indicator definition

•Carry out any duties requested by the supervisor

Job Profile

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Statistics/Public health, Epidemiology; or Master Degree in Epidemiology/Public Health or Information Technology in M&E, Data analysis, database management, Health Management Information system.


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