Gynecologic-oncologist For Pih-imb Oncology Program at Partners In Health/inshuti Mu Buzima (Pih)

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Job Description


Position: Gynecologic-oncologist for PIH-IMB Oncology program

Reporting to: PIH/IMB-District Program Director/Burera

Summary of role:  Serve as the Gynecologic oncology team lead in provision of care for cancer patients at Butaro Hospital as well as provide support to the general gynecology department of Butaro District Hospital (BDH). This individual will play a key role in programmatic implementation at the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence including a) Establishment of a gynecological- oncology department at Butaro hospital, b) Training and mentoring of both the Butaro general obstetrician and gynecologists and medical students/trainees rotating in the department, c) Cancer advocacy, d) design and implementation of various quality of care improvement initiatives and the development of SOPs. Candidates with experience and interest in clinical and/or implementation research are also desired.

Specific Responsibilities: 


1. Clinical responsibilities

  • Develop, implement, and follow the operation theatre admissions criteria, guidelines, protocols, and the diagnosis and treatment standards in use in the Center, and to ensure the correct compilation of clinical records and statistics
  • To provide high-level surgical care for women presenting at BDH with gynecological malignancies.
  • At least once a week do outpatient consultations.
  • Provide consultation support to other general gynecologists in the hospital
  • To expand the scope of cancer surgeries available at the Butaro District Hospital and Cancer Center.
  • To perform staging of cervical Cancer patients at the hospital.
  • To design and lead quality improvement projects related to gynecological oncology at the Butaro District Hospital and Cancer Center.
  • To liaise with the Oncology program in order tin order to effectively provide gyne oncological surgical care.
  • To ensure that gyn- oncological surgical patient care at Butaro is in line with accreditation standards of the hospital.
  • To work closely with the oncology team for triage of gyn oncological cases.
  • To ensure close follow up of patients in post-operative wards.
  • To liaise with teaching hospitals to ensure that patients who require multimodality therapy not available at Butaro are able to receive care in referral institutions in addition to surgery at Butaro.
  • To liaise with teaching hospitals to ensure that patients not treated at Butaro, are able to receive care in referral institutions.
  • To work closely with hospital pharmacist to ensure consistence in supply chain of surgical commodities.

2. Teaching and mentoring

    1. To lead teaching activities in gynecology and oncology related surgeries at Butaro Hospital.
    2. To participate in multidisciplinary tumor boards and oncology teaching activities
    3. To provide continuous medical education to general practitioners and other relevant hospital staff.
    4. To lead medical student gynecology curriculum development and supervise clerkships in collaboration with UGHE.


  1. Facilitate quality improvement and assist with general administration: 
    • Work collaboratively with other oncology team members and the Hospital Director of clinic services, Chief of Nursing, Head of Pharmacy, and Head of Lab to ensure proper and harmonized delivery of cancer care services at BCCOE.
    • Contribute to addressing of logistical issues regarding Oncology patient care that arise.
    • Actively participate in the implementation of PIH-IMB oncology 5 years strategic plans especially on aspects related to cancer Programmatic developments, quality improvement, expansion of oncology formulary.
  2. Support the surgery nursing leadership: 
    • Supervise the chart audit process to improve care.
    • Ensure proper documentation and completeness of patient data.
    • Work with surgery nurse leadership to ensure safety on surgical wards and the operating room, develop, and implement various SOP.
  3. Support an accurate and robust electronic medical record by working collaboratively with the health informatics team: 
    • Active participation in the process of expanding Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to surgery care in the hospital.
    • Lead the review of surgery forms for integration in to EMR.
    • Participate in data quality assessment meetings.
    • Contribute to the efforts to reduce lost to follow up among surgery patients.


  • Receive ongoing mentorship from in country and  Boston-based cancer expert team
  • Receive programmatic mentorship and exposure, with support of IMB District Program Director
  • Participate in oncology research activities, and have access to the research mentorship and supports available at PIH/IMB
  • Special consideration for attending national and international cancer-related conferences/meetings (available as budget allows)


  • Medical Degree with a master of medicine in gynecology and obstetrics and a specialization in gyne- oncology surgery and demonstrated experience in caring for cancer patients with gynecology malignancies.
  • At least 3 years of clinical experience in cancer care.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Basic computer literacy essential.
  • Highly motivated to play a key role in the advancement of cancer care at Butaro cancer center.
  • Understands and upholds principles of equity in health care and alignment with national priorities in provision of cancer care in Rwanda.
  • Highly organized and able to keep track of multiple administrative and clinical tasks simultaneously.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Strong management, communication, mentoring, teaching and leadership skills. Ability to work well with diverse team.
  • Ability to work and live in rural places.
  • Ability to live PIH/IMB values: Ubumuntu, Ubupfura, Ubwubahane, Ubunyangamugayo, Ubumwe, Agaciro, Kugira ishyaka;
  • At Partners In Health, we are committed to ensuring that those who benefit from our work- including our patients, families and community members – as well as our staff are treated with dignity and respect and protected from sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment. By submitting an application, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.

Method of Application
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Closing Date : 25th May, 2022.