Feeding of 27 Imihigo Dissemination Panels (already Built) in Muhanga and Karongi Districts during 4 quarters

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 Feeding of 27  Imihigo Dissemination Panels (already Built) in Muhanga  and  Karongi   District s   during  4 quarters.

1. Summary information


Conseil de Concertation des Organisations d’Appui aux Initiatives de Base  (CCOAIB)

Legal Personality : A.M. n° 103/11 du 07/09/2004

B.P.1993 KIGALI – RWANDA ; Tél. mobile (+250) 788302065

Kigali, International Airport Road KN 5 RD , Building ?18

E- mail :  [email protected]  ; Website:  www.ccoaib.org

Project title   

Fostering imihigo as an instrument for participation and accountability.


Request for Bids to  Feed  27  Imihigo Dissemination Panels (already Built) in Muhanga  and  Karongi   District s   during  4 quarters.

Release date


Due date

10/06/2021 at 10:Am

2. Profile of CCOAIB

The “Conseil de Concertation des Organisations d’Appui aux Initiatives de Base” CCOAIB is an Umbrella Organization of 43 Rwandan NGOs in development. It serves as a framework of exchange, consultations, dialogue, negotiation, advocacy and solidarity.  Its member organizations operate across the whole country and are involved in various development domains including agriculture, livestock, environment, governance and citizen participation, women and youth empowerment, microfinance, etc.

3 . Context   and objective of the work

Since 2006, the Government of Rwanda has adopted Imihigo as a public service performance management policy. Imihigo was designed as a Rwandan approach performance management. Imihigo constitute an efficient accountability mechanism and an incentive for local government leaders and their population to implement the decentralization policies and to meet local and national development targets. Imihigo activities affect citizens’ daily life, therefore it is their right to be informed and participate into the whole Imihigo process.

Over the last few years, local government entities have reinforced and increased number of participatory mechanisms in place at local level to collect citizens’ priorities and involve them in the whole Imihigo process.

Dashboards are being used as an important and efficient tool to inform the citizens about Imihigo and involve them in the whole process and content.

Effective from January 2019, CCOAIB with the financial support of the GIZ, is implementing project entitled: fostering imihigo as an instrument for participation and accountability, aiming to support citizens’ participation in governance policy processes at local level in Karongi, Gatsibo and Muhanga districts.

It is in this regard that CCOAIB is issuing a call for applicants to bid for the progressive data feeding in Imihigo dissemination dashboards on quarterly basis.

A total of 27 dashboards (13 in Muhanga and 14 in Karongi) will be fed for 4 quarters. Dashboards are established at the District and Sector offices (1 dashboard per each sector) in the 2 mentioned districts and 1 dashboard at each district headquarter.

4. Scope of the work 

The Imihigo dashboard must be feed using UV printed on sticker and pasting on durable plates and resistant to the effects of sun and rain (ABS materials). A total of 27 dashboards (13 in Muhanga and 14 in Karongi) will be fed for 4 successive quarters.

5.    Eligibility criteria 

This tender is only opened to the printing companies

The service providers interested must have the following:

  • Being a registered company consultant, proved by RDB registration certificate with at least 2 years of experience;
  • Using EBM (Electronic Billing Machine) approved by Rwanda Revenue Authorities in invoicing is a MUST; A copy of an invoice delivered will be attached as a proof;
  • Show the proofs that they comply with all taxes requirements (at least payment of last quarter and recent RRA tax clearance certificate);
  • The financial offers should be quoted in Rwandan Francs (RWF), inclusive of tax if they have shown proofs of payments in previous point.

6.    Application

  Interested applicants who fulfil the requirements should present an expression of interest letter, a Technical and Financial offers addressed to the Executive Secretary of CCOAIB. The 3 copies (1 Original and two copies) of  technical offer  and other 3 copies (1original and two copies) of the  Financial Offer  should be in separate sealed envelopes, both put in one big envelope.

Application shall be submitted at CCOAIB office located at Remera, Kigali city, International Airport Road KN 5RD, Building No 18, not later than  10 th  June 2021 at 10:00 Am.

Official opening of received bids will be held on the same day  10 th  June 2021, 10:05 am  at CCOAIB office and applicants should be represented in the event.

7.    Selection Procedure

The consultant will be selected using the Quality Based Selection (QBS) method.

8.    Information Channel

  For more information before the submission deadline, Please contact CCOAIB Local Expert on +250788219771